Bite-Sized Software and Technology Consulting

Traditional technology consulting is a slow, unrewarding process for both clients and technology experts.

Sales, administration, marketing, referral fees and service charges yield a situation where most of your money is paying for overhead. Where customers are jaded because most service providers are using cheap, unmotivated talent to sustain their high-overhead business model, and are primarily focused on extending engagements rather than providing solutions.

There is a better way.

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Tiny Commitments

$500 USD commitments, paid by credit card, to hire the best.

Bite-sized engagements with small but high-value deliverables. Get moving on a new project, get answers to questions, an analysis of a technology consideration or options, an evaluation of your project, a market analysis, or help breaking through roadblocks - Hire yafla today!

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Short Terms

If a bite-sized engagement provides everything you need, you're on your way to success and I'd love an endorsement (as this gets underway I'll add an endorsement page with links to projects or companies, etc).

If you need more assistance and are overjoyed with the work you already received, create a new bite sized commitment as a continuation, or we can discuss something more significant.

Rapid Results

The "Hire" button will only be enabled if the workload allows for new bite-sized engagements to be completed within 5 business days. If this can't be achieved hiring will be disabled temporarily, though clients will be offered the ability to queue up for first availability.

Always responsive and providing solutions.