yafla is the company that I perform technology consulting / software development work under.

I've been a software developer / team lead / lead software architect professionally for almost 20 years. I've worked for scrappy engineering companies and giant financial services organizations, for Wall Street and for Canada's largest telco. I've worked on x86 and ARM assembly, middleware, microservices, enormous customer-facing web apps, native mobile apps, highly parallel apps, map/reduce apps.

I've built on clusters of RDBMS servers and arrays of NoSQL solutions. I was one of the first people on the planet to use "AJAX" in a web application, years before it caught on. I've built solutions that industry heavyweights claimed weren't possible. I've build video application, image filtering solutions, and sensor-augmented virtual reality apps.

Over the same period I've intermittently done consulting and contract software development for a large number of clients. While I never engaged in cold calling or any sales process at all really -- all of my engagements coming from referrals and contacts -- the overhead of the traditional process made it less productive than it should be. I only considered large engagements given the onboarding overhead in traditional consulting.

Months of discussions, pre-work and ground-laying before an engagement, and then we'd begin an engagement where customers often didn't expect me to actually deliver solutions, having become accustomed to technology consulting groups who dragged initiatives on forever. It was often tough to get internal stakeholders to receive deliverables, everyone happy to push it off a few months.

Anecdotally I learned from casual conservations that many smaller scope clients wanted help answering a question, or getting past a roadblock, but saw the traditional process of negotiations, scope analysis, etc, as an intimidating barrier. I targeted large engagements (because of the overhead of a traditional process) and missed a lot of fun, rewarding engagements for valuable contacts who might be in the early, speculative phase, or might want to do a trial with some small itches first.

The traditional dance grew weary. I stopped doing consulting engagements outside of some longstanding ongoing efforts. I focused more on speculative technology builds.

I miss the variety and enrichment of doing a broad mix of assignments. I miss the rush of those many smaller solutions that bring value to clients. I miss making new contacts (my network starting to grow static). And I miss the extra income, especially during periods when I'm focused on length high risk speculative innovations.

So I'm bringing back the consulting services, but this time I'm doing things a little differently. This time I'm only doing engagements in bite-sized morsels. I'm primarily focused on users who found a blog posting of mine applicable to something they want to do, an existing project of my pertinent to their domain, etc. -- know that my expertise crosses a problem space of their team, have used an app that I've built that solves a problem they had, etc. People who know from my other work that I'm the perfect fit, and are fully aware of my capabilities.

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