The process of hiring yafla for a bite-sized engagement is simple, with rapid returns.

  1. Click on the Hire button and fill out the details of your need, providing whatever information and links to resources you deem necessary.
  2. Complete payment via credit card / Apple pay. Payment is processed and secured through Stripe. On successful payment, all bite-sized engagement details are encrypted and sent to Dennis for evaluation.
  3. Dennis will contact you within 24 hours with a synopsis of his understanding of the need and any follow-up questions or queries for additional information.
  4. All details of the project will remain secure on encrypted systems and under physical control. They will not be shared with other parties unless specifically directed by you. If you provide a PGP key, all email communications will be content encrypted (in most scenarios it would be wire encrypted as well).
  5. Within 5 business days, Dennis will complete 2 to 4 hours of work on your project (or multiples of that if you've selected a multiplier) and provide a packaged set of deliverables, the type and scope of which is contingent on the project. Dennis will delete all project artifacts 30 days after the bite-sized engagement (or the latest related continuation) is completed, or earlier if requested.
  6. Each deliverable is intended to allow you to proceed on your own, however for those who want to engage Dennis again, a new bite-sized engagement can be created as a continuation, building on the prior engagement. Regardless, each retains small, bite-sized commitments and deliverables, to the benefit of both parties.
  7. For large engagements or recurring bite-sized engagements, particularly after you've been wowed in amazement at the results, we can discuss alternative arrangements.

This simplified, expedited mechanism of obtaining technology and software development assistance is atypical, and naturally brings up a few questions, so let's get into some of the more likely-

Question - What sort of request can fit in 2 - 4 hours?
In this industry we're accustomed to projects dragging on forever, with tens of thousands of man hours going into the most mundane of needs. You'll be delighted at how much is possible in a simple bite-sized engagement. I will take on essentially any task and the deliverables are limited only by the time constraints: If you provide a huge scope, I will select and complete some part of it that I deem the most rewarding for your efforts. If you provide a tiny scope I will do a very in-depth analysis and reporting.

Optimize a stored procedure, consult on a schema, provide input on a project deadlock or internal debate, create a shell program or solve a defect, consider a hardware platform, offer advice on updating your project, prepare a blog, write a technical article, provide guidance, advise on an architecture, provide a template for a Renderscript implementation, a high performance financial calculation, an OpenGL shader for a specific need, data transformation systems, basic mobile app, endorsement, etc.

Each bite-sized engagement is so inexpensive just give it a shot and see what is possible.
Question - What sort of requests aren't appropriate?
Anything that relies upon odd or unique hardware (e.g. making a zero copy network stack for a specific network card) or software that isn't easily and freely available -- if it's interacting with software where I can find public resources about file formats or APIs, I generally don't even need the software. Anything illegal. Anything requiring domain specific knowledge that can't be easily found or conveyed in the request: I've worked in finance for years, but if it's a specific calculation that is unique to your firm (e.g. a "Convex IRR over bench"), it needs to be clearly documented in the request or I can't possibly build it correctly.
Question - What are your guarantees?
My motivation is to have repeat clients who recommend this to others who also become repeat clients and who eagerly provide endorsements. Total satisfaction is the goal. Having said that, experience has taught me that there are a small minority of clients who want to exploit the relationship and who'll declare themselves unsatisfied until you've built Facebook in 4 billable hours. As such I offer no explicit guarantees beyond that you will get at least 4 hours of dedicated work on your need, and a corresponding set of deliverables. I will work with you in search of total satisfaction, but I will not commit to endless or free engagements under any sort of absolute guarantee. I can't "take back" the deliverables I provide or recover the time that I spent, so the fee is non-refundable.
Question - So what is your expertise?
I have a very broad very high level of knowledge across a huge number of technology domains, from assembly to databases to web apps to mobile apps to middleware to encryption to software architecture to GPU-accelerated calculations, domain names to email systems to secure distributed communications across cloud-based systems. The commitment is small, so do a trial understanding that my goal is making you recommend me to others, and to consider me for your next need.

Click on Hire and be amazed.